THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS in a position to serialize

We are at the leading edge of serialization

Our first serialization station has been delivered to our plant!  Second to be delivered in March.  And so on and so forth.  If you need a partner in a position to serialize your products immediately or as from February 2018, feel free to contact Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics.


French-Japanese subcontractor with a double digit-growth over the past 2 years, THEPENIER PHARMA specializes in manufacturing pharma and cosmetic liquid and semi-solid products (dermatological & skin care, suncare, Ear Nose Throat, oral care), as well as makeup products thanks to our subsidiary ORLEANS COSMETICS (, ideally in the framework of full-service contracts. In 2016 the turnover of the group (3 factories in Japan, 2 in France) amounted to approximately 82 million euros, of which 60% was exports.


THEPENIER PHARMA is therefore able to accompany its clients from suppliers sourcing and raw and packaging materials procurement to the release of your cosmetics and pharma products, taking in charge every stage of their supply chain (formulation, sourcing, manufacturing, packing and shipping).


Thépenier Pharma's culture of proactive servicequality, and responsiveness sparks customer satisfaction. As abovementioned, THEPENIER PHARMA is able to manage the entire supply chain from product design. To this end, THEPENIER PHARMA runs its own analytical lab, and puts at your disposal a R&D lab able to provide its customers a portfolio of innovative formulae and a ready-to-go industrial facility for your projects, with a storage capacity of 3,500 pallets.


Located not far from Paris and the port of Le Havre, the location of THEPENIER PHARMA's main factory ensures easy accessibility and favorable supply from France and internationally.


With an over 40-year experience of contract manufacturing, THEPENIER PHARMA is the partner you need to efficiently outsource your production and give it access to the valuable "made in France"​ trademark.

Whatever the size of your business, do not hesitate to use the services of a reactive, dynamic, flexible and multilingual (French, English, Japanese) team to drive your industrial achievements. 


A expertise of full service 

Our professionalism and responsiveness enable us to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of each and every of our pharma and cosmetic customers. To this end, THEPENIER PHARMA a holds GMP and ISO 22716 certificates. Our subsidiary, Orléans Cosmetics, has been granted the ECOCERT/COSMOS certification, which obtention is ongoing in the case of Thépenier Pharma, and should to a favorable conclusion around the end of the year.


In other words, you may just focus on the promotion of your brand, the real source of added value for each of our clients, THEPENIER PHARMA takes care of the rest!

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