CMO for over 40 years

THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS (110 people), is a French subsidiary of Nippon Shikizai Inc., a Japanese group listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, ans specializes in formulation, manufacturing, and packaging of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


French-Japanese pharma and cosmetics CMO, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICSspecializes in manufacturing liquid and semi-solid products in the framework of full-service contracts. Thépenier Pharma is therefore able to accompany its clients from suppliers sourcing and raw and packaging materials procurement to the release of your cosmetics and pharma products, taking in charge every stage of your supply chain (formulation, manufacturing, packaging and transportation).


With an over 40-year experience of contract manufacturing, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS is the partner you need to efficiently handle your production.


Whatever the size of your business, do not hesitate to use the services of a reactive, dynamic, flexible and multilingual (French, English, Japanese) team to accompany your industrial achievements.

With its renovated industrial park, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS is a developing concern that dedicates more than 60% of its activities to export, and works with the biggest names in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and makeup.

Thanks to its synergy with its parent company, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS offers a spectrum of services to its customers that very few suppliers can offer in Europe today, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beauty products, and makeup .


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What we can do for you:

• A human-sized company, who will listen to you and make your service dedicated interlocutors.

• Over forty years of practice shaping activities to the satisfaction of our customers (satisfaction rate of over 90%).

• The base of our customers is extremely stable, proof of our seriousness and our know-how.

• real capacity to adapt to a variety of your demands and sizes of your series.

• A flexible and reactive structure able to cope with unforeseen and interact with you in real time.

• A wide range of services with high added value correlated to our production activities.


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