Entrepreneurship and environmental citizenship

THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS implements a humane policy whose basic principle is to allow each employee to be a responsible individual who contributes to the collective performance. Thus, social cohesion and motivation are de veloped.

- To achieve this, we strive to maintain and share a corporate culture which is based on respect for people, and which values experiences and personal development, and which encourages everyone to take the initiatives within the limits of the competence of his or her skills and the quality procedures carried out within the company. We encourage our male and female employees to make progress in the exercise of their duties, within the framework of the dual requirement of method and result.

- We encourage communication between different services and functions, and the sharing of experiences in order to promote an understanding of the daily realities of the various indivuals working in the supply chain. We hope that this proactive communication works as well as a "top down" or a "bottom to top" or a "sideways" approach.

- We encourage a management based on respect, training, empowerment, and the ability to delegate defined and coherent tasks to our employees.

- We are committed to protecting the environment and to closely monitoring our activities in discharging wastewater and recycling waste.

These working methods create a climate conducive to personal development, and an interactive spirit, and lead to a very limited turnover within our teams, and this guarantees that THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS will keep his talents and know-how for the long term, and will be able to put these skills at the disposal of customers on a lasting basis.

Similarly, our industrial ethics enable us to be recognized locally by governmental and regulatory authorities as a reliable and responsible economic participant.


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