More than 100 years in pharmacy and 40 years in the service of its customers

Since 1907, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS has developed expertise as a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for large laboratories, for dermatologic brands and parapharmacy.

Since 2000, the laboratory became a subsidiary of the Japanese group Nippon Shikizai, whichi is recognized for its innovative cosmetics and makeup products, making it one of the leaders in this field in Japan.

There now coexists at the same site in Normandy two distinct areas, one dedicated to pharmaceutical production and beauty products, which has been renovated up to cutting edge, the other built in 2002, for makeup.

• 1907: Creation of Thépenier Laboratory.
• 1964: Creation of Thépenier Pharma Industry by Mr Roger THEPENIER.
• 1974: MM. Jean Claude, Bernard, and Michel THEPENIER give a strategic shift in the activity of the laboratory, choosing to engage in manufacturing.
• 1990: construction of a warehouse of 1,800 pallets and a storage area for raw materials, 400 pallets.
• 2000: Acquisition of T.P.I. by NIPPON Shikizai INC..
• 2002: Construction of a cosmetics manufacturing plant and a powder manufacturing workshop.
• 2004: Rehabilitation of the liquids workshop.
• 2005: Renovation of the workshop for filling aerosol and the liquid filling workshop.
• 2006: Implementation of a new purified water station (inverted osmosis) with a piping system made of stainless steel.
• 2006: Installation of an ERP (ADONIX X3).
• 2007: Construction of a new filling workshop for pharmaceutical powders
• 2008: Creation of a new washing station.
• 2008: Creation of a new bacteriological control unit.
• 2008: Installation of three new manufacturing tanks: 3,500 liters, 9,000 liters and 10,000 liters.
• 2010: Implementation of Data Matrix Code printing machines in production.
• 2011: Purchase of a new aluminum tube filling line.
• 2011: Renovation of the weighing stations.
• 2011: Purchase of new filling machines for loose powders.
• 2012: Complete renovation of the local production with introduction of air handling units for all workshops for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic unit.
• 2013: Acquisition of a new 2000 liter mixer for the production of toothpaste.
• 2013: Implementation of a new ERP system to improve industrial productivity and follow up of administrative work.
• 2014: Acquisition of a new packaging line (filling and packaging in cartons).
• 2014: Construction of a new warehouse of 2,000 pallet storage capacity.
• 2014: Construction of a platform dedicated to manufacturing activities (separat from packaging activities) and a bulk storage area to address the interdependence of manufacturing activity and storage.



2017 : THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS has a new subsidiaryn : ORLEANS COSMETICS, a french make up manufacturer.

2017 : THEPENIER PHARMA INDUSTRIE becomes THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS, pharma and cosmetics are our two historical know-how.


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