Cosmetic Subcontracting

THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS adds value to cosmetic products by focusing on advanced technologies in product development


Our full service enables your company to have competitive products on the market.


Cosmetics products manufactured at THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS today are in line with current market trends, and are constantly evolving, and these include anti-aging products, moisturizing products, sun screens, blemish products, makeup products, and hygienic products. THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS also puts at your disposal both a wide range of ready-to-use existing formulas and has the potential to develop custom formulas based on your needs.


To gurantee your satisfaction, our R & D team, in the development and production of cosmetics and makeup, relies on professionals such as dermatologists, pharmacists, and health experts. By doing so, you are guranteed to meet the demand and satisfy of the ingredients used in the cosmetic products they buy.


In the end, no mater what sort of development you choose, the way you work, or the type of products to which you dedicate your activity, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS has the expertise. technology, and experience to fill your needs and to meet your most current demands.


For example, as a subcontractor, THEPENIER PHARMA & COSMETICS manages all phases of research and development and industrialization for a diverse range oof drug products: powders, gels, emulsions, lotions, compacts, hot melts, and the like.

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