Production and services: reliability, adaptability and responsiveness

A French CMO since 1964

Below is a quick overview of the type of production, and the associated products and services we can offer you

Development and Regulatory Affairs
-Development of cosmetic product (DIP)
-Development of pilot batches (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices)
-Development of manufacturing processes
-Implementing stability according to ICH standards

R & D:
-Formulation of cosmetics and makeup products
-Monitoring and updating of components INCI ingredients

Purchasing and Logistics
-All or part of the ingredients for our clients' formulas

-The management of supplying the ingredients and the logistical chain
-Management of components procurement and supply chain
-Management of stocks

-Inventory management
-Temperature-controlled, very high warehouse with 3,400 slots
-Support For ERP built to pharmaceutical standards

Industrial Transfer
-Support for industrial transfer
-Analytical transfer
-Validation methods
-Management of "change control"
-Maintenance of a client marketing authorization dossier

-Pastes: batches of 300 to 2,000 kg
-Liquids: 500 to 10,000 kg capacity
-Powders: 50 to 250 Kg capacity

-Tubes (Aluminum, plastic or metalloplastic)
-Aerosols (nitrogen, CO2) and pump sprays
-Liquids (glass bottles, plastic)

Testing and release
-Fully-advanced Equipment: HPLC / GC / IR / UV
-Microbiological control
-Management via an integrated ERP
-Release by computer and computerized batch record

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