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A healthy scalp: the secret to healthy hair

Pampering your scalp and keeping it healthy is the secret to beautiful, healthy hair.

Long forgotten in beauty rituals, the scalp is a part of the epidermis that must be taken care of, just as we do for our body or face.

A healthy scalp will give you stronger and thicker hair, while an irritated scalp, damaged by dandruff for example, will weaken the hair, which will become thinner and duller.

The condition of the scalp can vary depending on different factors: exposure to natural elements like the sun or the wind, the rate of sebum production, dandruff problems or not.

Indeed, the scalp, 600 cm2 and 2,500 receptors per cm2, is very sensitive and undergoes external aggressions throughout the day which vary according to the seasons:


  • Humidity: the scalp represents an ideal home (dark and humid area) for the development of the micro-bacteria called Malassezia Globosa. Naturally present on the scalp, it feeds on the sebum produced on the surface of the scalp and transforms it into fatty acids. These irritating substances can lead to inflammation and itching. The scalp then accelerates its cell renewal, which precipitates the appearance of dandruff.
  • Lifestyle: stress, diet, cigarette smoke or pollution can influence the quality of our scalp.
  • Temperature: too high a temperature causes irritation of the scalp. Wearing a hat or cap increases the temperature of the scalp and leads to increased sweating, which is conductive to the development of Malassezia Globosa.

Taking care of the scalp: the right things to do

  • Cleaning

The skull accumulates many impurities, whether dust, sebum, pollution particles, shampoo residue or dead skin. It is therefore essential to rid it of all these impurities so that it can breathe and be healthy.

Formulated by Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics R&D to cleanse, purify and revitalize the scalp, the exfoliating shampoo is a perfect ally for taking care of the scalp. Dead cells are eliminated, and hair is stronger, shinier and has a healthier growth.


  • Pamper the scalp microbiota for healthy hair

The hair mask in our catalogue is the best beauty ally to take care of your scalp and hair. It repairs them and fights dandruff. It acts on the scalp, rebalancing the microbiota, restoring vitality, and softening the scalp.

The scalp serum acts on the scalp, rebalancing the microbiota and restoring vitality and density to the scalp. Rich in active ingredients, it stimulates hair growth and regulates sebum. Finally, it slows down the appearance of white hair.


  • A healthy scalp also goes through the plate

It is important to pay particular attention to your diet:

Favour foods containing vitamins B6 (liver, salmon, etc.), vitamins E (hazelnuts, almonds, etc.) and vitamins A (eggs, dairy products, etc.).