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What is eco-design?

The objective of eco-design is to reduce the environmental impact of a product during all stages of its life cycle.

From its manufacture, distribution, and use, through the obtaining of raw materials to its end of life (recycling and recovery).


It therefore contributes to the prevention of waste production, the reduction of energy consumption, air, and water pollution, etc.


In our R&D laboratory, all formulas are developed with a constant concern for the planet.

Whether it's the ingredients, the packs or the processes, everything is thought out to offer the best for the skin and the planet.

Some eco-design reflexes:

During the R&D phase (development of formulas), the objectives are to:


Work on formulas, ingredients, and their origins:

  • Use the minimum number of ingredients
  • Offer formulas with a minimum of 95% natural ingredients
  • Use upcycled materials
  • Utilize materials from France or near Europe
  • Use materials without hazard pictograms
  • Use biodegradable materials
  • Prioritize renewable resources
  • Favour transformation processes that have the least impact on the environment: green chemistry
  • For rinse-off products: offer formulas that are more than 98% biodegradable


Work on more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes:

  • Promote cold processes
  • Favour fast, low-energy processes
  • Promote all-in-one processes: One point
  • Limit the number of additional phases
  • Easily cleanable product


Work on packages

  • Offer recycled packs
  • Encourage not to use secondary packs and instructions
  • Choice of materials with a low environmental footprint (paper and cardboard from responsibly managed forests that respect biodiversity)
  • Eliminate secondary packaging
  • Notices removed or printed inside the packaging
  • Packaging printed with vegetable oil-based inks
  • Reduce the size and weight of packaging
  • Offer refills
  • Communicate on good sorting practices


An eco-design scoring of our formulas is underway to pursue continuous improvement in this area.


In conclusion, it should be noted that our production site is ISO 14001 certified.