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Washing your face in the morning allows you to refresh and give yourself a boost.

The goal is also to eliminate the little amount of sebum secreted by the skin during the night, without attacking it, at the risk of damaging it.


Make-up removal:

At the end of the day, the face has been strained, the impurities that have settled on the skin, like pollution, perspiration, and make-up, must be removed, otherwise small pimples or fine lines will appear.


Depending on your skin type or habits, there are several kinds of products and therefore various ways to proceed:


  • Gel/cream/foaming cleansing bar: First, moisten the face with water, take a dab of gel or cream or lather the bar in your hands and massage the whole face. Finish by rinsing with water.


  • Cleansing milk: For dry to very dry skin or for heavy make-up. It must be applied with a cotton pad and repeated until it is clean or directly on the skin and massaged in, then remove with a cotton.


  • Lotion or hydrolat: The make-up remover lotion is used after the milk, of which it eliminates all traces, to complete the make-up removal. Applied alone or after a water-based cleanser, the lotion or hydrolat will counterbalance the dehydrating effect of water or used individually, eliminate impurities if the skin is normal or dry and prepare the dermis to receive care. The hydrolat will bring specific properties to the plant used (rose, chamomile, cornflower, etc.).


  • Micellar water: for skin without make-up and light make-up. Apply with a cotton pad all over the face. Repeat the operation until the cotton pad is clean. It is unnecessary to rinse, especially as some micellar waters have specific properties (purifying, moisturizing, smoothing, etc.).


  • Cleansing oil or gel: For a complete make-up removal or a feeling of clear skin, the oil or gel should be applied on the dermis, massaged in and rinsed off with water. Depending on the formulas, the textures can become milky when in contact with water, making it a particularly pleasant moment.

The double cleansing

Coming from Asia, the double cleansing is a make-up removal, generally with oil, followed by a cleansing with a gel, a milk, or a foaming cream, allowing the skin to be deeply cleansed for a fresh and unified complexion.


  • 1st step: Oil or balm: to dissolve impurities, sebum, and make-up. Whatever the skin types, this is the best method to remove make-up without damaging the dermis. It is often recommended to massage the skin when applying the oil, which provides a relaxing feeling. Cleansing oils or balms are usually rinsed off with water.


  • 2nd step: Foaming gel, milk, or cream: a water-based formula that will perfect the cleansing process by eliminating the last remaining impurities.


It is possible to finish with the application of a lotion to neutralize the limestone, rebalance the pH of the skin and prepare it to receive the care products to optimize their action. In order not to damage the hydrolipidic film, it will be necessary to favour gentle products.

The benefits of this double cleansing are numerous: better absorption of skincare, brighter, more radiant, and luminous skin.