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Our Mission:

Bringing our customers the best level of service in the production and analysis of drugs, cosmetics and medical devices to contribute to improving health and well-being and to create added value for our customers.


At Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics we have had a demanding quality policy ever since the beginning in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. For this we offer our customers:

  • Reliability and safety;

  • Performance and respect for our environment;

  • Timeliness.


In order to fulfil our mission as we respect our values we have committed to a continuous evolution of our Quality System. European Good Manufacturing Practices and the Q10 ICH represent our constant references for improving our quality system.


This is why we set up a quality steering committee managed by our Head of Quality Assurance, bringing all of the Heads of the Departments of our company together.


Proactiveness, reactiveness, product quality and that of the associated services are the major elements of our commitment to our customers. 


ehs charter

At Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics we emphasise the importance of hygiene, safety and environment daily. Reducing and anticipating the risks of accidents in the workplace and our impact on the environment, alongside focusing on empowering team members and their well-being at work are some of the major challenges of our company.


Download our EHS Charter and contact us for further information.


Environnement charter 

EHS charter



At Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics we have European Good Manufacturing Practises certificates for drugs and veterinary products.

This GMP certification includes the ISO-2276 standard for manufacturing cosmetics and make-up.

We also manufacture medical devices with the same quality requirements as for drugs.

At Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics we are committed to sustainable development and manufacture Cosmos and Cosmetic Ecocert certified products.


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