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What is the exposome?

The EXPOSOME groups the internal and external factors to which we are repeatedly exposed. It is a multidimensional vision of health.

The skin is an envelope consists of a deep layer (the dermis) and a superficial layer (the epidermis) that covers the entire body.  A real shield, it protects the body from the external environment, but also from dehydration, microbes...

It participates in thermal regulation - through perspiration - in the production of vitamin D and in the healing of wounds. It is a vital organ that is exposed to numerous aggressions.

Why hemp in cosmetics?

  • UV:

UVA rays, especially long UVA rays, are able to penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis and cause premature aging of the skin.
In short, daily exposure to UV rays damages the skin.



Cigarette smoke contains fine particles that settle on the skin and clog the pores. One cigarette a day is the approximate equivalent of a PM2.5 (fine particle) level of 22μg/m3. Smothered, poorly oxygenated, it can dry out and become brittle more quickly.



Your skin can be very dry in winter, or dehydrated and sensitive in summer. Indeed, by allowing the body to maintain its temperature at 37°C in all circumstances, it becomes fragile. It is the hydrolipidic film which, by protecting the skin, weakens and creates a skin imbalance.



Dust, exhaust fumes, ozone, etc., pollution directly impacts the quality of the skin. By depositing itself on the skin, pollution causes oxidation of the skin, which can lead to dehydration, dryness and flaking, for example. Suspended particles are often referred to as PM "Particulate Matter". The diameter of fine particles PM2.5 are smaller than 2.5 µm.


What are the specific effects of PM2.5 on the skin?

PM2.5 affects two types of receptors, one responsible for detoxification and the other for the antioxidant response. If the exposure is chronic, we observe cutaneous inflammatory responses, an alteration of the barrier function and of the protective lipidic layer on the surface. This increase in permeability accelerates the penetration of external substances into the skin.

Pollution also increases the expression of proteins that degrade certain components of the dermis, accelerating aging. We also see brown spots appearing and skin cancers can occur in the long term.

It has been shown that UVA rays boost the harmful effects of air pollutants.


Effects also on the microbiota:

Repeated exposure to air pollutants has deleterious effects on the microbiota of the skin and changes its balance. These modifications induce an inflammatory reaction that is harmful to the skin and accelerates its aging. If the diversity of the microbiota is altered (reduced or too high), the balance is broken, and the skin becomes more fragile to infections and allergies.

Internal exhibitions


This emotional state influences the quality of the skin from within. The skin's barrier function is weakened, which can cause redness, excessive sweating, dehydration or even small pimples.


  • SLEEP:

It is during sleep that the skin registers a high peak of activity which allows cell renewal and also reinforces the skin's barrier function and boosts microcirculation. Conversely, sleep disorders directly unbalance these cycles that the skin needs.
Result: it becomes fragile.


  • DIET:

When it is unbalanced: too rich in fat, sugar, or salt for example, it impacts the quality of the skin and its barrier function.



Puberty, pregnancy, menopause: affect the structure and composition of the skin.


In summary, to have beautiful skin, you must improve your exposome as much as possible: clean air, balanced diet, quality sleep, be zen and, preferably, use quality cosmetic products scientifically formulated with rigor and love, as Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics does!