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A true commitment to quality

As cosmetic and pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, quality is inherent to our DNA. More than that, we believe that quality should integrate the DNA of all the services of the company.


For this reason, our quality department is constituted of pharmacists and engineers. They do not have a theoretical and bureaucratic approach of quality assurance and quality control. They are on the field. They make sure that operators understand the reason why quality standards are set. The way they are set is in line with the requirements of our operations and with the consequences disregarding them might have.


In other words, we believe that quality shouldn’t be all about efficiently handling CAPAs. Everyone can do it. According to us, efficiency should be about improving ourselves in order to reduce the CAPAs and work towards operational excellence!


Indeed, manufacturing healthcare and cosmetic drugs and products implies duties and obligations. Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics commit willfully to them. We are fully aware of the responsibility that is ours to manufacture drugs and cosmetic products brought to the consumers. Our works leaves space to no mistakes!

Robust Unique Quality System

At Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, to reach your legitimate high expectations, we built a well-designed, efficient and robust Quality Management System. Our main concern is to be able to, all at once, comply with all the cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices compliance), cFDA (Food and Drug Administration compliance) and/or ISO 22716 requirements.


We are also able to adapt our quality standards to your possible specific requirements. We remain inspection-ready at all times.


Considering our commitment to excellence, we decided to guarantee the same quality standards to all of you, whether we manufacture drugs, high-end skincare products or high-end makeup products.

It comes at a cost that we are ready to pay to provide you the best quality standards. We translate this ambition in a non-quality rate kept below 0.5% every year.

Sought for Transparency and Excellence

We deeply believe in the absolute necessity to remain transparent to you at all times. We undertake to never dissimulate anything.


Thus, we are open to joint reviews, including customer-focused inspections, and to the implementations of metrics on quality performance.


We also make sure to have a fair understanding of the probable evolutions of the quality standards worldwide in healthcare, personal care and makeup. We are able to efficiently anticipate them and remain at the top of the game.

To that end, we also invest in the most recent technologies to enhance processes, secure data and improve productivity on daily basis.

Regulatory and Legal Proactivity

We permanently identify the regulatory and legal obligations applicable to our fields of activity and/or our geographical presence: France, Europe or the rest of the world. We ensure compliance immediately or as quickly as possible, when this involves more profound adaptations


Large Scale of Internalized Microbial and Physicochemical Analysis

Thanks to this modern equipment, our QC (Quality Control) technicians master pretty much all sorts of microbial and physicochemical analysis internally.


We are aware that outsourcing our analysis may imply the increase of our lead-time, which is what you do not expect from us.