Eyebrow Liquid Liner

Perfect Brush Fibers To Design Your Eyebrows

The pen’s brush-tip fills and defines the brow arch and adds depth to sparse areas.

Its superfine and flexible brush fibers allow for fine lines, precise application, and a natural finish.

Its perfect hold shapes the eyebrows all day long.

It's easy to rectify and redraw the eyebrows!

Ingredients for an Intense Highlighted Look



Our copolymers are a combination of three smudge resistant film formers that make the formula longwearing and easy to adhere to skin.

Superfine pigments

Our superfine pigments offer a sheer pigmentation for a natural effect .


Main Characteristics to Satisfy the Largest Number of Customers

  •   There is no fragrance.
  •   Vegan, which means no animal-derived ingredients.
  •   Our formulation, respectful of the highest security and quality standards, is conformed to main international markets like China, UE, USA, Japan.

Fragrance Free

How to Use our Eyebrow Liner Well

Find a starting point where your brows are more sparse, then begin to etch lightly anywhere you'd like added dimension or definition.

Leave to dry for 15 seconds or more.


Recommended Pack

The tip of our brush pen is designed with flexible fibers.

Why You Should Choose
Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics?

Full-service contract manufacturer (CMO-CDMO), Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics (TP&C) has an over 40-year experience of development and manufacturing of pharma, OTC and cosmetic products. Our pharma DNA of and the fact that all products are manufactured in a GMP-environment bring a higher level of technicality, performance, efficiency and quality to your products.

Member of an innovative French-Japanese group, TP&C manufactures high-end “made in France” or “made in Japan” technological healthcare and clean beauty products.

With TP&C, you focus on the promotion of your brand and let us take care of the rest!

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