Seasonal Cosmetics: The Spring Range

Seasonal cosmetics

In traditional Chinese medicine, each season carries a specific energy directly related to the organs of the body as well as the five movements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).

The energy calendar includes 4 “full” seasons of 72 days:
 Spring: corresponding to the Wood element (Liver/Gallbladder)
 Summer: corresponding to the Fire element (Heart/Small Intestine)
 Autumn: corresponding to the Metal element (Lung/Large Intestine)
 Winter: corresponding to the Water element (Kidney/Bladder)
And between each season, an 18-day off-season related to the Earth element (Spleen / Stomach).

In Spring, the body starts moving again after the hibernation period. The activity is more significant under this spring energy, the liver and the gallbladder will have to digest and purify the blood.
Consequences: oilier skin, blackheads, acne, greasy scalp.
Our solution: a cleansing paste, a spring elixir, a sebum-regulating cream, a sebum-regulating serum for the scalp and a body granita.

Spring Range Formulas

Young woman applying face mask at home. Natural Skin Care Routine. Cleaning face with natural cosmetics.

Cleansing Paste

96% natural origin formula.

Enriched with:

  • kaolin to purify,
  • a gentle apple-based foaming agent for soft skin,
  • a flower acid for light chemical exfoliation,
  • an extract of Chinese star anise: exfoliating, sebum-regulating, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,
  • the flagship active ingredient of the spring range: Sebustop®, a phyto-active substance, derived from Chinese plants, with an astringent, anti-lipase and antiseptic activity.

Use: it's simple, just put a small amount in the palm, add a little water, lather in the hands then cleanse the face and rinse. Avoid the eye area.

Pack: tube or pump bottle.

Spring Elixir

93.6% natural origin formula.

What does this elixir contain?

  • Sebustop®, a phyto-active substance, derived from Chinese plants (burnet, ginger, cinnamon), with an astringent, anti-lipase and antiseptic activity,
  • niacinamide with anti-inflammatory properties, active ingredient of choice to improve the general appearance of blemished skin,
  • salicylic acid identified for its exfoliating action promoting desquamation. It is an ally to cleanse and purify the upper layers of the epidermis,
  • pre and probiotic complex which optimizes the skin’s ecoflorareinforces biological defences and reveals the skin's radiance through a restructuring and smoothing effect.

Use: a few drops on the face to apply in the evening.

Pack: dropper

Young woman applying vitamin serum on her face
Beautiful afro woman applying cream on her cheeks and sincerely smiling

Sebum Regulating Cream

Formula with 98.4% ingredients of natural origin.

Enriched with:

  • niacinamide helps regulate excess sebum, target blemishes and fight redness,
  • an extract of the Centella asiatica plant, which acts on the skin’s homeostasis and restores its chronobiology and its circadian rhythms, to obtain healthy and radiant skin,
  • Sebustop®phyto-active substance, derived from Chinese plants (burnet, ginger, cinnamon), with an astringent, anti-lipase and antiseptic activity,
  • an ingredient created from mango leaves, which reduces sebum production, the volume of the sebaceous glands, and which protects and balances the skin microbiota.

Use: apply morning and evening all over the face.

Pack: pump bottle.

Sebum Regulating Serum for the scalp

98% natural origin formula.

Enriched with:

  • Lindera Strychnifolia roots, which rebalance the microbiota, slow down hair loss, restore its vitality and density, act on the follicle regeneration pathway,
  • witch hazel distillate, which tightens the body’s tissues thanks to its astringent property and therefore regulates sebum production,
  • a biomimetic peptide, which stimulates melanogenesis and reduces the greying process of the hair.

Use: distribute a few drops of serum and gently massage into the scalp. Do not rinse.

Pack: dropper.

Man baldness treatment. Nature hair care procedure. Oil drop at scalp. Male person applying dermatology lotion. Home routine. trichologist cosmetic product. Anti hairloss clinic mask
Beautiful young woman applying body scrub at home, closeup

Granite Body

96.69% natural origin formula.

What does this scrub contain?

  • Vegetable squalene: non-greasy, it quickly penetrates the epidermis and softens its touch. The skin stays hydrated longer and feelings of tightness are reduced,
  • Flower acids for a light chemical exfoliation,
  • Sebustop®phyto-active substance, from Chinese plants (burnet, ginger, cinnamon), with an astringent, anti-lipase and antiseptic activity,
  • Bamboo wood grains for a mechanical exfoliation.

Use: take a dab of this new texture, break the gel between your hands before applying it to the areas of the body to be exfoliated (elbowskneesfeet...). Use in the shower, once a week.

Pack: tube or jar.

Main characteristics of our Seasonal Ranges

  • Strength of the ranges: range based on the body’s needs and on one organ
  • Based on effective active ingredients: active ingredients from traditional medicine or high efficacy recognized by the public

Natural ingredients


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