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A healthy scalp: the secret to healthy hair


Pampering your scalp and keeping it healthy is the secret to beautiful, healthy hair.

Long forgotten in beauty rituals, the scalp is a part of the epidermis that must be taken care of, just as we do for our body or face.

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Cleansing / Make-up removal: Why? How?


Washing your face in the morning allows you to refresh and give yourself a boost.

The goal is also to eliminate the little amount of sebum secreted by the skin during the night, without attacking it, at the risk of damaging it.

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Pre-, pro-, and post-biotics to the rescue of our microbiota!


The microbiota: the skin’s living protective layer.

Formerly called cutaneous flora, the skin’s microbiota is of increasing interest to cosmetics professionals.

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Marketing Authorization


Marketing Authorization is a procedure that has become widespread in most countries of the world, under the control of the States, to guarantee the safety and efficacy of medicine for patients, from their design to their withdrawal from the market (concept of life cycle). Drugs must receive a Marketing Authorization before being introduced on the European or French market.

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Upcycling green paper cut symbol nature concept


JULY 2022

When waste becomes a sustainable asset for cosmetics.

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An update on our eco-design approach


Towards a more environmentally friendly beauty
The objective of eco-design is to reduce the environmental impact of a product during all stages of its life cycle.

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The place of quality in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry


For pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, two major texts govern quality and the way in which it must be applied: the Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceuticals (GMP) and cosmetics (ISO 22716 standard). These texts transcribe the European directives.

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COSMOS Certification


The COSMOS Standard was born in January 2011 and is managed by the independent international non-profit association COSMOS-standard AISBL based in Brussels (Belgium).

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Adult women with healthy facial skin.

Improve your exposome to improve your skin quality!

JUNE 2021

The EXPOSOME groups the internal and external factors to which we are repeatedly exposed. It is a multidimensional vision of health.

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Mode de vie sain

Prendre soin de soi et de la planète : Cap vers le Safe beauty !

MAI 2021

Depuis quelques années, les consommateurs sont à la recherche de produits "clean" et respectueux de l'environnement. Cependant, la pandémie de 2020 a fait émerger un nouveau besoin : des produits qui permettent de se protéger des agressions extérieures. Cap vers la nouvelle tendance de la Safe beauty.

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