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What’s Clean Beauty?

There is no official definition of “Clean Beauty”.

At Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, we believe that clean beauty stands for a radical approach of the formulation of:

It implies the use of highly selected and eco-responsible raw materials. It guarantees that our formulations cannot harm human skin or health whatsoever. And it preserves the environment at all cost.


Why Clean Beauty?

We believe that Clean Beauty is a state of mind, more than a framework or a matter of rules or regulation. We embrace this state of mind and convert it into surprising innovative cosmetic formulas.


Our aim, considering our pharmaceutical DNA, is to imagine and design with passion formulas and/or products that meet the highest technical and quality standards. Moreover, we respect the toughest EU cosmetic market requirements. Indeed, in the world, the EU displays the most restrictive regulations with over 1,200 banned materials. On permanent basis, our regulatory team makes sure to stay ahead of the market’s requirements. Thus, we can exclude from our formulation work all the raw materials that, although not forbidden by the EU legislation, may prove controversial and may be source of harm.


Our experience of cooperating with the most famous brands or high-end distributors in the world provides us with a perfect practical understanding of what clean beauty should be all about. And, of course, we are flexible and likely to adapt any possible specific needs of certain brands. 


In addition, as a full-service cosmetics contract manufacturer, we have built strong partnerships with some of the major actors of packaging. This way we can bring to you the best combination of clean sustainable formulation and eco-friendly recyclable packs.

Natural Beauty all the way?

To some clean beauty and natural beauty are identical notions. We believe they are different, as products can be designed with clean ingredients that are not necessarily natural.


However, Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, as well as our subsidiary Nippon Shikizai France, also specialized in the formulation of natural products. That is, in our understanding, products displaying a minimum of 95% of ingredients of natural origins. Formulating products displaying a high percentage of naturality, or possibly organic, proves a very challenging task. And this is why we like it. It requires the best formulation skills and offers the most rewarding R&D accomplishments!