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At Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, we have a system of core values that integrate all our recruitment and managerial processes.

Team Spirit

We believe that the collective interest is not equal to the sum of individual interests.

Our teams transcend individual or partisan interests. They think first and foremost of the general interest and the success of the common corporate project.

We are convinced that collective intelligence is at least as essential as individual intelligence.


We believe that altruistic behaviours have their full place in a company. We can only succeed together.

We therefore guard ourselves, especially managers, against any appropriation of success or self-centred attitude.


Promoting Skills in Equality, Respect and Diversity

We believe that:

  • Diversity is an opportunity and a permanent source of enrichment.
  • Tolerance and respect are prerequisites for fulfilment.
  • Talent does not necessarily wait for the number of years, our employees, unlike the products we manufacture, having no expiry date.
  • A stable and successful company relies as much on men as on women.

To put it simply, we recruit skills with no other concern than sheer talent!

The place of women at Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics:

  • 60% of managers
  • 50% of management positions
  • 2 of the 6 members of the Management Committee

Entrepreneurial Spirit, Sense of Responsibility and Commitment

We believe that ideas and initiatives should be valued, regardless of your age, experience or position in the organisation chart.

Indeed, our DNA as a mid-size and human-sized company requires responsiveness and agility. We need our people to be proactive, engaged, to work with an entrepreneurial mind set at all times.

As a matter of fact, if you join us, you will be able to give your opinion and share your proposals, which your management will be able to listen to and, often, approve as they are or with a few adjustments. At the same time, we will expect you to know when to request the approval of your management, that is when a decision exceeds your assignment.

It is precisely because we mean to recognize the role of the employees in the creation of added value that we designed a profit-sharing agreement according to which up to 20% of current profit before tax can be paid to the employees.

Caring and the Room for error

We believe that caring is a value that is always relevant.

Creativity and innovation, which we need, thrive in a context of kindness and solidarity with one another.

Recognising the right to make mistakes contributes to individual commitment and personal initiative. And these are key values for the management.


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