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From Clean beauty...

Natural, organic, vegan, eco-designed... "Clean" cosmetic products have become a standard for the cosmetics industry. In recent years, consumers are increasingly sensitive to the composition of ingredients in their products and the environmental impact of the use of these products. Faced with this desire for truth on the part of consumers, brands are obliged to ensure total transparency on the composition and biodegradability of products, the origin of materials, and even the recyclability of packaging. They must be meaningful and must show a real commitment at the risk of losing their credibility and their attractiveness to the general public. As you can see, "clean beauty" has been on the rise in recent years and has become a must for all brands!

...To Safe beauty

But the 2020 pandemic has given rise to a new need: the need to take care of oneself, the need to feel safe. Faced with this fear generated by the health crisis, consumers no longer only want products that respect the planet, but above all products that are effective in protecting them from external aggressions (bacteria, pollution, etc.). The current watchword? Safety. The trend of "Safe beauty" is starting to gain momentum and has recently taken over from clean beauty.

This trend was confirmed by a survey conducted by Mintel which showed that 36% of women using beauty products are more concerned about the effectiveness of the products than the ingredients they contain. The global pandemic has had psychological repercussions on the population (stress, anxiety, withdrawal, etc.) and physical repercussions (wearing a mask causing a flare-up of pimples), hence the need to use products that are effective, safe and provide well-being. Today's consumers therefore require brands to provide evidence of product efficacy and safety and are more willing to accept ingredients that, before COVID-19, were sometimes unfairly discredited.


What about Safe Beauty at Thépenier Pharma&Cosmetics?

At Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, we have chosen to reconcile Clean Beauty with Safe Beauty. We offer vegan and organic beauty products, with a high percentage of naturalness, a low environmental impact for the planet and above all, effective, safe and healthy products for the end consumer and we continue to innovate daily in this direction. The human being and the planet are at the heart of our daily work, and it is in this context that Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics is committed to provide quality products, safe, and that allow to take care of oneself but also of the environment.

For example, let yourself be tempted by our anti-maskne serum formulated with 98% natural origin, effective against pimples thanks to its vegetable salicylic acid and its aniseed extract. Or our wellness booster serum, 99% of natural origin, which will neutralize the external aggressions that act on your skin, and which will help you to find comfort and well-being.