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Marketing Authorization


Marketing Authorization is a procedure that has become widespread in most countries of the world, under the control of the States, to guarantee the safety and efficacy of medicines for patients, from their conception to their withdrawal from the market (notion of life cycle). Medicines, before being introduced on the European or French market, must receive a marketing authorization.

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COSMOS Certification

The COSMOS Standard was born in January 2011 and is managed by the independent international non-profit association COSMOS-standard AISBL based in Brussels (Belgium).

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#R&D - Women Beauty Price 2019

#R&D - Women Beauty Price 2019

JULY 2019

Congratulations to Laboratoires Embryolisse for being awarded the “Prix de la Beauté des Femmes 2019” (Women Beauty Price 2019) in the category “product sold in drugstores” by the well-known Femme Actuelle magazine! Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics is proud to have contributed to the success of the remarkable product that “Soin Eclat Jeunesse” is, which was developed by our R&D lab in cooperation with our client Laboratoires Embryolisse. You can count on Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics & NIPPON SHIKIZAI FRANCE to keep up the good innovation work!

Ingredient focus: the benefits of hemp

Have you ever heard of the benefits of hemp in cosmetic products? This natural active ingredient is increasingly seducing the cosmetics industry with its many virtues. TP&C has developed a range of products that combine all the characteristics of this miracle ingredient.

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Improve your exposome to improve your skin quality!

The EXPOSOME groups the internal and external factors to which we are repeatedly exposed. It is a multidimensional vision of health.

The skin is an envelope consists of a deep layer (the dermis) and a superficial layer (the epidermis) that covers the entire body.  A real shield, it protects the body from the external environment, but also from dehydration, microbes...

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Animal testing

Animal testing, vegan labels, cruetly free, etc... How to know the real from the false? Here, we tell you everything!

In Europe, there are cosmetic regulations to know and respect for the creation of a cosmetic product. The first directives on the subject were put in place in 1975 and the standardization of the European cosmetic regulation has been achieved since July 11, 2013.

Any product manufactured and sold on the European territory must comply with the European cosmetic regulation EC 1223/2009.

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Taking care of yourself and the planet: heading towards Safe beauty!

In recent years, consumers have been looking for "clean" and environmentally friendly products. However, the 2020 pandemic has created a new need: products that protect against external aggressions. Let's go to the new trend of Safe beauty!

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"Silver" cosmetics: a promising market!

The world of cosmetics opens its doors to the 65+ age group! After several decades of pampering the younger generation, the cosmetics industry is getting up to date. Indeed, recent marketing studies have shown that the "Silver generation" has indeed evolved.

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#cooperation - Manufacturing and filling of Albéa's paper-based tube

JULY 2021

Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics and Albéa Group join forces to offer adapted solutions to their clients for the manufacturing and/or filling of Albéa’s breakthrough paper-based tube: Metamorphosis. The sealing of this tube requires delicacy, and that’s why Albéa Group chose to rely on Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics' proven expertise of such sophisticated technical matters to better serve those of its clients who would rather not handle such sensitive filling operations.
This cooperation also highlights Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics and Albéa Group’s shared commitment to more sustainable solutions, whether it comes to the formula or the pack.  In this case, the metamorphosis tube comes with 45% less plastic than standard extruded tubes!
If you want to know more about this responsible initiative, please contact either:
Albéa Group : Raphaël Coussanes -
Thépenier Pharma & CosmeticsJudith Roy -
We will provide you with all requested information and efficiently accompany your project.

#R&D - partnership thepenier x cosmogen

JULY 2019

Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics teamed up with COSMOGEN to obtain the perfect match between one of its latest creation and an innovative Cosmogen pack. The Triball Tubes allows a great penetration of the Water Tonic in the skin and provides a unique relaxing and fresh sensation. The formula is a not sticky water-like gel made out of Peach Leaf extract, glycerin and a unique moisturization complex that dampens, smoothes and prevents the skin from water loss. Apply the Water Tonic all over the face when it feels itchy, unconfortable or when it needs to be awaken, and enjoy its immediate regeneration!