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#R&D - Women Beauty Price 2019

#R&D - Women Beauty Price 2019

JULY 2019

Congratulations to Laboratoires Embryolisse for being awarded the “Prix de la Beauté des Femmes 2019” (Women Beauty Price 2019) in the category “product sold in drugstores” by the well-known Femme Actuelle magazine! Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics is proud to have contributed to the success of the remarkable product that “Soin Eclat Jeunesse” is, which was developed by our R&D lab in cooperation with our client Laboratoires Embryolisse. You can count on Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics & NIPPON SHIKIZAI FRANCE to keep up the good innovation work!



JUNE 2019

Left hand with and right hand without our brand new Tinted Fluid. See the difference?! Enjoy the triple effect of this newly designed creation of Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics' R&D to complete our hybrid beauty formula range:

  • skin preparation
  • tan activation and prolongation
  • long lasting moisturizing action thanks to a French red micro-seaweed extract.
    The guarantee to durably look good, healthy and fresh under any circumstances and whatever the season! Compatible with any skin tone to which the product adapts. Contact us for more information.
innovation makeup killer

#R&D - innovation makeup killer

MAY 2019

The R&D Lab of Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics disrupts the makeup removal routine! The MAKEUP KILLER is an innovative formula designed to serve both as a mask & a makeup remover with exclusive touch and texture. Apply a large amount all over the face (except the eyes) and let it act 3 to 5 minutes: the cleansing raw materials melts the makeup, and the shea butter and sweet almond oil nourish the skin at the same time. Next step: massage the product all over the face and eyes until you feel clean. As efficient as an oil, it even removes waterproof makeups. The skin is clean, soft, smooth and so comfortable that you will forget the feeling of tightness. What's more? The formula is 93% natural, vegan, has a mini-INCI list and has no contested ingredient. 

Préparation de vos échantillons

#R&D - Préparation de vos échantillons

AVRIL 2019

L'envoi de vos échantillons suite au Cosmoprof et Makeup in Shanghai en cours par notre équipe R&D ! Les équipes Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, Nippon Shikizai et Nippon Shikizai France ont été ravies de vous dévoiler leurs toutes dernières innovations lors de ces deux salons ! Nous sommes impatients d'avoir vos retours !

#R&D - innovation Honey mask

AVRIL 2019

Nouveauté dans notre nouvelle gamme "Healthy Beauty" qui propose des formules naturelles food-like gourmandes et colorées.
Est-ce du miel ? Est-ce un produit cosmétique ? Le labo R&D de Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics a créé un étonnant masque à la texture et à l'odeur du miel ! Composé de Miel de Garrigue et Propolis, il apaise les peaux sensibilisées et débarrasse des impuretés.
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