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Lady demonstrating new hair styling

A healthy scalp: the secret to healthy hair


Pampering your scalp and keeping it healthy is the secret to beautiful, healthy hair.

Long forgotten in beauty rituals, the scalp is a part of the epidermis that must be taken care of, just as we do for our body or face.

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Xray Texture. Creative Splash. Liquid Pattern

Pre-, pro-, and post-biotics to the rescue of our microbiota!


The microbiota: the skin’s living protective layer.

Formerly called cutaneous flora, the skin’s microbiota is of increasing interest to cosmetics professionals.

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Upcycling green paper cut symbol nature concept


JULY 2022

When waste becomes a sustainable asset for cosmetics.

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Liquid subtle pink background, cosmetic cream texture, fluid gentle surface. 3d illustration

Your favourite cream has a story...

JULY 2022

We all have in our bathroom one or more cosmetic products that we particularly like: a face cream that provides intense hydration and comfort throughout the day, or a shower gel with a gourmet scent that envelops us in softness and leaves cleansed and nourished skin.

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ecology house, tree and bulb

An update on our eco-design approach


Towards a more environmentally friendly beauty
The objective of eco-design is to reduce the environmental impact of a product during all stages of its life cycle.

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Adult women with healthy facial skin.

Improve your exposome to improve your skin quality!

JUNE 2021

The EXPOSOME groups the internal and external factors to which we are repeatedly exposed. It is a multidimensional vision of health.

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Healthy lifestyle

Taking care of yourself and the planet: heading towards Safe beauty!

MAY 2021

In recent years, consumers have been looking for "clean" and environmentally friendly products. However, the 2020 pandemic has created a new need: products that protect against external aggressions. Let's go to the new trend of Safe beauty!

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Happy middle aged Asian lady shows natural silver hair posing on light background in studio. Mature beauty lifestyle

"Silver" cosmetics: a promising market!

MAY 2021

The world of cosmetics opens its doors to the 65+ age group! After several decades of pampering the younger generation, the cosmetics industry is getting up to date. Indeed, recent marketing studies have shown that the "Silver generation" has indeed evolved.

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Jar of hemp white lotion. Cannabis cream with marijuana leaf - cannabis concept. Flat lay, top view.

Ingredient focus: the benefits of hemp

APRIL 2021

Have you ever heard of the benefits of hemp in cosmetic products? This natural active ingredient is increasingly seducing the cosmetics industry with its many virtues. TP&C has developed a range of products that combine all the characteristics of this miracle ingredient.

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veterinary examination dog veterinarian checks the ears dog on the table in vet clinic

Animal testing

APRIL 2021

Animal testing, vegan labels, cruetly free, etc... How to know the real from the false? Here, we tell you everything!

In Europe, there are cosmetic regulations to know and respect for the creation of a cosmetic product.

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