Hand Sanitizer (Solution)

Number 1 Health Formula for the Hands

This hand sanitizer corresponds to the World Health Organization formula N°1 for hand antisepsis.

It disinfects hands but also softens your skin with glycerin.

It dries quickly without residue.

This hand sanitizer will help you to protect yourself from viral diseases but also keep your hands free from drying-up effect.

Regenerating and Moisturizing



Glycerin fights against dryness and skin dehydration by retaining water in the layers of the epidermis.

The skin is moisturized and softened.


Present at 76.6% m/m, ethanol is used for its bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal activities.


Main Characteristics to Satisfy the Largest Number of Customers

Fragrance Free
Natural ingredients

How to Use our Hand Sanitizer
Solution well

Apply a dime-size amount (minimum 3 ml) to the palm of one hand.

Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces, for up to 25 seconds or until they're dry.

Le flacon ou le spray

Recommended Pack

Bottle or spray are the packs we advise for practical use.

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